Today’s Patient: A demo of SELF SABOTAGE!

Patient came in for 1 month follow up. She used to weight 400 pounds, got Gastric Bypass 4/2005 (roux en y) at Duke University. Lost down to 270 pounds and had stagnated and had been unable to lose further. She had actually gone further down but had gained back a large amount and had eaten and learned to sustain her weight beyond the gastric bypass and so never went down further. Started gastric bypass 1 month ago with height 66 inches and weight 269 and BMI of 43.42kg/m2. Came in today and lost 6 pounds. By other diet standards that is acceptable but by the rapid weight loss plan and 5 bite diet should have been 239 pounds instead of 263 pounds today.

She only did the diet for 7 days. She got through the initial 3 day hunger period and was without hunger, lost the 6 pounds and that’s what she kept off! But in the mail she was accepted into the “Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less” program. She had been on the waiting list for this program over a few months because it was full. She was finally accepted and was so happy she stopped the diet! (I guarantee that program will help her learn the proper habits she needs to sustain weight loss, but will NOT give her the needed weight loss she needs now! Our goals are reset and she is restarting the diet today. I told her she would be on the blog today with her approval and keeping her anonymity as “The poster child for self sabotage.”

This is likely an ongoing pattern of self sabotage with her. She got the bypass, lost a large amount of weight, but after seeing her success stopped it prematurely. Same with the 5 bites. She had success for 7 days, and saw success, but sabotaged it because something she had been waiting for came along, even if it isn’t better for her. These are the things we can work on in coaching to make you cognizant of where you get in your own way of success. If you are interested in coaching see the front page for details. It’s called “Rational Cognitive Behavioral” coaching because we use your reasoning, we make you aware or cognizant of your thinking patterns, and this allows you to change the way you behave. If you still have problems with subconscious sabotage, then the hypnosis method is the best for you. This patient is back on the path and I expect her to be 30 pounds lighter next month if she is able to stay out of her own path to success. (If you are reading this, I’ll see you in a month 🙂 )

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