A Free Preview of the Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis Plan

The great thing is there are no gimmicks. Follow my instructions below to get started. In my blog I even spell out the 5 Bite Diet™. If you want to see the specifics of the diet before buying the book, Click here to see it. However if you want to get the best results and 1-pound-a-day weight loss, read and follow the plan below.


If you would like to achieve amazing, one-pound-per-day results and permanent weight loss too the same way hundreds of my patients have, I recommend you do the following:

1. Schedule an appointment with me by emailing me at the link below. This starts your way toward making rapid changes in your mind about your eating habits. OR schedule an individualized hypnosis session with Dr. Arthur Apolinario through Skype or at his office if you are in North Carolina by emailing him at aapolina@positiveenergylifestyles.com if you are interested in scheduling a personalized hypnosis session to allow you to succeed in weight release. Sessions are currently 300 dollars per hour for the initial session.

2. CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN on your health and safety in dieting. Find out your ideal body weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), your weight loss needs, and discuss the Five Bite Diet™. Not all physicians are aware of the Five Bite Diet™ or its benefits, and will in fact be concerned about it because they do not have the experience with it that Dr. Apolinario has, but when they see your results they will probably inquire about it and recommend it, especially if you are able to come off your medicines while losing weight. It is especially important for Diabetics and Hypertensive people to talk to their physicians prior to undergoing any weight-loss regimen, but everyone MUST have a primary physician follow them at least monthly as they undergo this process to ensure their safety.

3. Go to Lulu.com by clicking the photo below to find and purchase Dr. Lewis’s definitive book on the Five Bite Diet™. This book acts as your coach during your weight loss period. Or click here to go to the purchase page for the book at Barnes and Noble Online.

This is a very important step to educating yourself on the diet and its safety, and the book should be read at least every 4-7 days to remind yourself what you are doing, and the small tidbits of coaching needed to help you make it through to your goals. You’ll probably lend it to your doctor or your friends when they see your rapid, amazing results. If you want to see the specifics of the diet before buying the book, Click here to go to blogpost on this site detailing the specifics of the Five Bite Diet™.

4. If you find that you are an emotional eater or eat to relax or to fight off anxiety,
click here to purchase a book on tapping and emotional freedom technique that will release your need to eat for emotions. Start tapping 5 times daily on emotion-linked physical symptoms, or any other symptoms related to anxiety or fears. I also have a biofeedback system on my links to the left that I highly recommend for those who need tapping, meditation, and biofeedback to eliminate emotional eating.

5. If you need personalized coaching, for those interested, I have a private, facebook-coaching group that is used to coach patients through the Five Bite Diet™ and their emotional cravings and barriers to weight loss. It is group-based learning where members share their struggles and successes with me as a guide to give direct guidance on your concerns, but group members also share their thoughts on how to succeed. Membership in this group is 300 dollars per month to get direct, personalized coaching from me through facebook. I check the facebook group daily and usually answer questions or address concerns within 3-5 days to help you through your Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis regimen. Email me at aapolina@positiveenergylifestyles.com if you are interested in this coaching method.

To start immediately, contact Dr. Apolinario at aapolina@positiveenergylifestyles.com by clicking this text to schedule a hypnosis or counseling session one on one or through skype.

Click Here to email me for more information on my hypnotherapy sessions, Skype hypnosis sessions, or to join the facebook group coaching sessions.

Click here to calculate your body mass index and determine what weight range is safe for you. A BMI 0f 18.5 to 25 is considered normal, and with the diet we strive for as close to 18.5 BMi as we can.