A similar system in England!

I got a trackback today from England where they were thanking me for an ezine article i had written on hypnosis and weight loss. The trackback took me to the following website: Hypnoband System Hypnosis therapy (click here to see).

Here’s what’s great: They have made the same discovery as me! You can hypnotize a person to believe and subconsciously feel they have had a gastric bypass or lap band! Seriously. That is how the Zero Resistance Weight Release Solution helps you lose even more weight and comfortably use the 5 bite diet! They have licensed practitioners who know how to hypnotize you into eating less and being free of the subconscious programming fast food ads and food ads have embedded into your brain to make you eat more! We clear that out with hypnosis. It’s great to see that this group in England (and now here in the US as well) appreciate my writing for one, and also have the same success and philosophy as me with the hypnotherapy in addition to the five bite diet system.

Click here to get the Zero Resistance Weight Release Solution or email me by clicking the following link to schedule a hypnotherapy session to make you feel as if you have had Gastric Bypass surgery or lap band surgery so that you get the same results. aapolina@positiveenergylifestyles.com

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