Client Failure today

Today’s failed attempt at five bite diet was similar to just about all the few failed attempts I’ve had over the last year of doing this diet. 349 pounds in March, I recommended the diet. He comes in for the first time today after missing 2 appointments including his follow up from initiating the diet. “I did it for 2 days. i was too hungry and tired and gave up.”

Everyone feels the same symptoms in the first few days. The majority go without symptoms at all day 4 and on. Those that continue symptoms may not be having symptoms from the diet but may be having emotional eating telling them to eat more. Most of the failures come from the people who quit on day 1-3 and never push it to the fourth day to see that the diet no longer causes those symptoms for the most part days 5 through 300 depending on how long you do the diet. THE WERE SO CLOSE to getting to that day, but gave up and didn’t call me or contact me or follow up with me to give it a try.

Many of these patients come back in for the 1 week follow up and I explain how close they were to feeling no hunger whatsoever and what a mistake it was to give up so easily. They do it again and they are off to the races.

Many times the clients that quit days 1-3, despite being told to expect such symptoms, are the type that require reframing or hypnosis to allow themselves to do strict caloric restriction. They also are TERRIBLE clients to consider gastric bypass or lap band because they have already proven they will eat beyond the therapy and overstretch the smaller stomach, so it’s good for them to find out this way before having a permanent surgery fail.

This is a form of self-sabotage. Despite knowing what to expect you say you can’t take it when the expected is happening and quit. Use reframing and eft and hypnotherapy to reverse the mindset that you “Always” fail and you will have success. No more avoiding those things that will help.

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