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31 pounds lost. Started at 177 and is now 146. She lost this way back in June and has continued to LOSE weight in small amounts ever since she lost the first 25 pounds. She is able to portion control with ease and this has become a permanent part of her subconscious and life. She was diabetic and had gained the weight at first after quitting smoking. We have helped her through both the smoking cessation and the weight loss and she is healthier than ever and near the point of stopping even more blood pressure and diabetes medicines. NEVER have I “cured” so many patients of their diabetes. Lose drastic amounts of weight to a body mass index of 25 and you can too!

I had one patient who 3 months ago decided she was going to do the five bite diet. However she went to a weight loss seminar at the local County Health department and was told by the nutritionist that the diet, “may not be safe” for her. 3 months later, the ladies who started the five bite diet at the same exact time as her are 60-90 pounds lighter and off their blood pressure medicines and diabetes medicines. This patient followed the nutritional advice of the health department… and lost one pound and is still on her medicines for diabetes and Blood pressure. She is also upset she didn’t follow my advice because her friends who did my diet are experiencing incredibly high self esteem and self validation because they did it themselves… and she looks and is still exactly the same weight she started at, following the health department’s “Traditional” weight loss paradigms.

Look, I’ve used the same paradigms as the traditional ones nutritionists and exercise coaches use for over 15 years with patients. If they worked I’d still be using them. For the patients who can’t do the diet, I do still use these protocols. However I can’t believe a patient with diabetes and high blood pressure is better off 3 months later at a slightly lower weight (but still having diabetes and hypertension)than a patient who eliminates the diabetes and blood pressure medicines within a 1-3 month period with rapid weight loss. The patient above is starting the 5 bite diet this week after seeing NOTHING change with traditional methods. I see it all the time. Friends start the 5 bites together. One friend gets counter advice or advice from “experts” that it is wrong to do. The 1 or 2 friends who stick with the five bites enjoy rapid success, while the friend who goes with traditional treatment falls behind and sees her friends succeed and have much happier looks on their faces. Once they see the changes in their friends, they realize they could have been a part of their success as well.

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