Excellent article on weight loss hypnosis and how it works…

Click here to see the article. It shows you how to try to do it yourself with self hypnosis as well. However if you are not well versed in self hypnosis, it helps to be hypnotized by a trained hypnostherapist to see what is possible and what hypnosis feels like so that when you self hypnotize yourself to believe your stomach is the size of a golf ball, it is much easier.

I provide a similar hypnosis for my clients for them to be instantly satisfied after 5 bites of food in the five bite diet when their will power alone will not carry them. I had a patient today on the verge of gastric bypass 1 year ago who is now at a bmi of 28. he started at 338 pounds and is now down to 223. He takes no more diabetes medicines, where 1 year ago he was about to start insulin. Amazing stories every day with how I have helped clients. Maybe we should talk if you can imagine the same success for yourself with my help. Email me at the links at the front of the website home page.

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