Facebook Fun and 2 new clients

So I was looking at friend pics on facebook. Of course I’m advertising this site on facebook and so my facebook friends have been looking at what I’m doing. It amazed me how many of my friends are having photographic evidence of their weight loss.

Recently i saw one of my friends had traveled to San Fran. While looking at his photos I noticed how visibly thinner he was. (And how his girlfriend was all over him more than ever in the photos…) So I asked what he was doing. Of course he was doing the Five Bite diet and had gone from 200 to 175 pounds in 30 days thanks to my advice. I asked and Lo and Behold he was following the advice on this webiste. I love it! The word is spreading.

I hypnotized a pair of women, best friends, last night, who had such support for each other they were doing the hypnosis/weight loss thing together. One had previously tried Hypnosis and had poor results. But she had what I call the “nice froo froo” hypnosis about imagining being on a beach first. I learned my hypnosis from Guys trained in NLP as well as provocative hypnosis from Jorgen Rasmussen. Sometimes we aren’t nice. But we challenge peoples’ subconscious to change for the better, even if that includes turning the angry parts of the brain that is sometimes used to defend old subconscious programming.

With one woman, we uncovered a life-altering event that had defined a lot of things for her. It was freeing and I teared up during the hypnosis but we did NOT relive the event. We compressed it on a time line so that the time between when she was ok before the event, and the time after the event where she felt ok again felt much closer together. Almost like a youtube scrubber. We scrubbed over the event to compress the effects of it and how it affected everything, including her eating.

The woman who had been hypnotized previously was quite impressed and felt, “Yeah. I was hypnotized.” She nodded her head saying it felt different.

Messages from both ladies today stated they felt absolutely no hunger on the 5 bite diet. One has 60 days, the other has 95 days to get to ideal body weights. We are going to have winners here.

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