How Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Has Helped My Patients: Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis technique

3 years ago as I just started going through my separation and eventual divorce I was a mess. I was trying to get my medical practice together and deal with a transition in my practice where I was split between 2 offices 20 miles apart, I had custody issues to deal with with my two children and 2 former stepsons who both had landed in jail for various reasons.

In addition to this I was dealing with being newly single. It had been a long time since I had been in the singles scene. The first night I went out I was frozen. I just couldn’t do it. I had what is called “Approach Anxiety.” The inability to talk to beautiful women I didn’t know due to anxiety. I would tell myself “What would a young, beautiful woman want to do with a 37-year-old man who is divorcing and has 2 kids?” Every time I walked up to women, I would stop dead in my tracks because of a chest pressure in my chest that reminded me I was getting anxious and that if I screwed up and said the wrong thing, I would lose any chance at having any meaningful relationships from then on. (I was really putting a lot of pressure on myself now that I look back at it!). Over time it got easier and easier to muster up the courage, but that chest pressure and sense of anxiety lingered on, even after a year of forcing myself to approach women.

Well I was lucky to get some sound advice from my hypnosis mentor, Cliff Young, who told me to try EFT … Emotional Freedom Technique. He directed me to purchase the books written by Magnus, a young devotee to the EFT movement who learned everything he could from Gary Craig, the gentleman who moved tapping forward to EFT by adding a few Eye Movement exercises and some right and left brain tactics. If you have read the book, “Molecules of Emotion” by Candace Pert, you would have heard how emotions are tagged to physical symptoms. Peptides travel through the body to creat signals that cause physical changes and physiologic sensations. Who hasn’t had their face turn red when embarrassed? Or the hair stand up in the back of the neck when scared? For me I got chest pressure and fast heartbeat when anxious.

After purchasing the e books and watching a youtube video, I was somewhat astounded by the claims. “Cure for fibromyalgia.” “Reduce anxiety.” “Cure PTSD.” “Make money.” “Lose weight.” Really astounding because as a physician with all my top-notch training in medicine and 11 years of experience after residency, I had yet to ever see someone “Cured” of their fibromyalgia or PTSD from a brief set of maneuvers. I was in for an amazing discovery for both myself and my patients.

Now mind you, I was most skeptical of this technique. I have my M.D. and have never heard of or seen such a thing as “EFT” so it seemed preposterous to me that by tapping different body parts and humming and rotating your eyes, you could stop my approach anxiety let alone my patients’ fibromyalgia pains or a vietnam vet’s PTSD. I was in for a shock.

I followed the directions in the books, and my chest pressure and my inability to talk to women stopped DEAD IN ITS TRACKS. This was no fraudulent or placebo effect. I literally didn’t have the problem I had had for more than a year anymore after a 2 minute EFT session that I did myself, and after using the techniques, I INSTANTLY had leliminated the chest pressure AND nervousness when I talked to women.

I had tried my hardest before that to get rid of this anxiousness by forcing myself to talk to woman after woman after woman, but the chest pressure, the inability to speak, the fast heartbeat kept returning. Before EFT I kept telling myself that eventually it would get better and kept telling myself so for a year. With EFT it got better after only 2 minutes.

After reading the books, I used the technique on myself and my approach anxiety was eliminated. I could walk up to any woman and the rest is dating history.

So where does this come to play with rapid weight loss? Well I’ve discovered that some of my patients have emotional links to eating. When they lose weight, a flood of emotions comes on. Sometimes they don’t sense it, but overeating is the way they cope with feelings of anxiousness, loneliness, fear, depression. You’ve heard the term “Emotional eater” before. Well EFT can help reduce or eliminate fears, anxieties and other emotions so that they are no longer linked to eating. You potentially can free your emotions from any relationship to eating if you find yourself to be an emotional eater.

When my patients say “I eat because I have nothing better to do” or “I can relax better when I eat” I delve into the eating that is done for relief. EFT is a way of relieving the emotions so that it can replace eating.

Let’s face it. We relax when we eat. We are working through our busy day and we take a break to unwind and have a snack. Some of us don’t get breaks and work hard until lunch time as the only time in the work day we relax, and then don’t stop until we get home for dinner time. There are strong links to relaxing when we eat. So the link to relaxing and eating is very strong. For some people it’s as powerful as taking an anxiolytic like xanax, valium, or ativan.

With EFT, you can eliminate the anxiety that is occurring in the first place, without medicines. The reason it is called emotional freedom technique is because you literally free yourself of any links between your emotions and your physical body.

Did you see the movie, “There’s Something About Mary”? In it Cameron Diaz is Mary, and has a stalker named “Woogie” played by Chris Elliott. As he gets closer and closer to her in the movie, he gets more and more skin rashes on his face and starts itching. Neurodermatitis is the medical term for this situation. There are many people in the world who suffer from skin rashes that come from emotions. This is a much more extreme and severe form of turning red when embarrassed. I have had multiple patients who have this condition and have treated with the various ointments and creams, steroids, and dermatologist referrals. I have used EFT on these patients and seen the problem disappear completely. Woogie needs EFT.

Then fibromyalgia. This is a very difficult diagnosis to deal with. The medicines reduce the pain but aren’t great, there is usually a strong emotional component to the pain, and most medical doctors have thrown their hands up wondering what to do. Fibromyalgia is diagnosed when there are a set of trigger points that get inflamed. When you look at the trigger points, they coincide with the meridian lines discovered by the chinese doctors who developed accupuncture.

We now understand “Chi” and meridian lines as demonstrated through the book “Molecules of Emotion” as the pathways in which electricity and peptides travel rapidly for macrolevel rapid changes. We used to think that the nerves were the only pathway for rapid information to be exchanged in the body. Now we know there are macrolevel electrical and flow changes that occur with emotions. Peptides get released in waves and link to their receptors and cause widespread changes physiologically. Some people get emotional and have migraines. Some people get emotional and have neck or back pain. Some people get nervous and shake. Others get depressed an feel numb or their muscles get catatonic. All of these changes in our bodies that come from emotion flow through these meridian lines.

Fibromyalgia patients, for the most part, have emotional changes that cause pain down the meridian lines. They usually lack sleep, and that makes this problem worse. Then the less they sleep, the worse the pain gets. I view it as the sleep allows the meridians and the areas of the trigger points to rest. So one of the mainstays of treatment is sleep medicines and gabapentin or Lyrica, two seizure medicines that allow the areas to relax. Depression medicines are also a mainstay of therapy. Despite having these medicines, I’ll have you know that most Family Doctors like me are frustrated by the lack of really good treatments for fibromyalgia. The patients are desperate so we try opiates, physical therapy, biofeedback, acupuncture. For the most part I’ve found biofeedback and acupuncture somewhat successful.

In comes EFT to my practice. I used it on my fibromyalgia patients and the results were astounding. One patient became pain and medicine free within a week. She discovered an emotional link to a past sexual assault she had experienced, and once we freed the emotions from her fibromyalgia pain, the fibromyalgia was CURED. I had NEVER in my medical experience seen someone cured of their fibromyalgia! Her activity level went up, and she rapidly lost weight that she had gained from being inactive.

A second patient came to me as a second opinion. Her situation was severe and she was severely depressed from her fibromyalgia pain. Her pain was so severe that her primary physician had escalated her up the pain medicine ladder, and had her on methadone. But as happens with all opiates, the longer she stayed on the medicine, the less it worked for her pain. She had built up a tolerance. So at this moment that I first got her in my office, she had the worst fibromyalgia pain she had ever had, and had built up a tolerance and addiction to methadone when she had never been addicted to anything.

We did EFT, had her buy the books, and the results, once again, were astounding. Within one month she became pain free, so much that she wanted to come off the methadone. We had to admit her to a rehab facility to wean her off the methadone she had become so used to, but I’m happy to say today that 1 year later, she is still pain free and off the methadone, as well as 10 of the other medicines she had been on for fibromyalgia. She is sleeping like a baby too and she is less affected physically by her motions. And on top of that, she is on the Five Bite Diet (TM) by my colleague Dr. Alwin Lewis, M.D. and is losing tremendous amounts of weight.

The successes go on and on. I hate to say it but I’m glad I went through my divorce and got back in the singles scene, or I would have never been exposed to hypnotherapy or Emotional freedom technique. Imagine if you were to learn EFT, and suddenly find issues you have dealt with all your life suddenly disappearing. That’s what happened to me and happens every day with my patients. If your mind remains skeptical, it’s too bad you can’t allow yourself to free it from locked frames of thinking and experience new directions. I’ve had hundreds of patients learn the technique now, and I’m amazed at the results they are getting. There have been scientific journals that have investigated EFT and found that maybe it’s a placebo effect because most of the changes are subjective. But for the several patients of mine that have lost the weight or eliminated longstanding problems like fibromyalgia and gained control of their emotions, it certainly has been worth it.

I’ve taught the technique to several physicians and they too are astounded by the additional healing they can provide through the technique. They also now have a keen understanding of chi forces and meridian lines and accupressure points. EFT brings together meditation, accupressure, eye movement, and left and right brain activation so that they now have a better understanding of mind-body medicine. We just don’t have the instruments or techniques to measure what we do. A Duke University physician showed me a little machine that can help you find trigger points and accupuncture points where meridian energy flows. So we are now just beginning to find the technology that helps explain 3000 years of Chinese Physician know-how.

If you think you can’t lose weight because you are an emotional eater or have other issues where your emotions create physical problems, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing Magnus’s books on EFT and following along his videos. You too may experience the wonderful release of the physical symptoms linked to your emotions and suddenly find yourself able to avoid emotional eating. If you were to click here to purchase the books on emotional freedom technique, you too will find it will help you and your friends the way that it helped me help myself and so many patients.

Watch Gary Craig explain EFT here. Yes, these results are real.

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