More successes!

My phone and email has been going crazy for inquiries from all over the world especially North Carolina. Apparently my patients have been sharing my handout on the diet and have been so successful with the diet that word is spreading like fire. My hypnosis clients especially have given me many kudos and endorsements that I am trying to find a way to get even more people the weight loss they deserve and need through my system since my time is limited as a physician. Step 1 is to revamp this website and I think you can see the many visual changes. Step 2 is to get more video. STep 3 is to create a membership portion of this website that will have exclusive content, videos, and hypnosis videos and mp3’s that will allow you to lose weight similar to my own patients. This week alone I had 3 disappointed clients of a nationally well-known nutritional supplement switch to my diet and already lose more weight than after 6 months on the supplement in the first 2 weeks after having spent 1000’s of dollars on the supplement.

So please stay tuned as I make this site a better information portal for those of you interested in reaching the thinness you deserve.

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