Product review: Zero Resistance Weight Release

You may ask why is my second post a product review?

I’ve been around the block. I’ve hypnotized multiple clients on losing weight and through knowledge and a little trial-and-error, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

Ever since I learned hypnotherapy as a tool in my rural family medicine practice, I’ve noted certain key phrases and frames assist a person to success, whether it be quitting cigarettes, fighting cancer, helping insomniacs, reversing depression, or assisting in “Weight loss.” 

People process their problems with addictions or health differently as individuals and that’s where being a hands-on hypnotherapist helps. You decipher how the client thinks and frames their world and use that to your advantage in your hypnosis session.

When it comes to weight, there are several recurring major themes of resistance.

1. If I lose the weight I will have to deal with more people

2. If I lose the weight it means I was wrong all those years that the older you get the fatter you get

3. If I lose weight my significant other may get jealous of other men/women and get angry and take it out on me.

4. If I were to lose weight I will have to deal with all the things I’m trying to avoid by being fat.

5.  My spouse/mom and dad/siblings/friends always called me fat and told me I  would never lose the weight.

Can you see yourself in those frames? If you are reading this, I don’t know where you are coming from, but in my experience most of my weight-loss hypnosis clients have some of the above baggage/frames that prevent them from wanting to lose weight. Yes, I said that. They did NOT want to lose weight because they found it easier and more comfortable to remain obese, even to the detriment of they health and lifestyle, and to protect and preserve their modes of thinking!

I myself grew up thinking I would always be fat. I was told, “Well you will be just like everyone else in the family. You’ll have a beer belly,” since I was a kid! I joined the wrestling team in high school, got down to my ideal body weight with 10% fat weight, looked down at my belly, and still felt I was fat. Once I stopped wrestling I gained all the weight I lost back and added 40 more pounds. My frame of mind was that I was destined to have a beer belly. I didn’t know any other way to think about myself.

I have reviewed lots of weight loss hypnosis products and the Zero Resistance Weight Release hit me as quite different. I noticed I helped clients, and myself, the most when I was able to deal with these modes of thinking head on. I was considering putting a product out there myself, but after looking at his philosophy and style, Dr. Robert Anthony appears to have nailed it down that I don’t need to duplicate his product. He calls his solution a weight “release” and not a weight loss. The word “Loss” has a negative connotation as if you are losing something from your life when you drop the pounds. However release is a term I have been using with my own clients. It allows them to release not only the weight, but the baggage and negative thoughts and restricting life frames that keep them obese. Releasing those issues allows the person to not only release the weight, the emotional link to the obesity is gone and it allows for lifelong, permanent change.

There are lots of weight loss hypnosis products out there, I had a hard enough time looking through them. Some of seedy quality, poor voice, ones that tell you to hypnotize yourself (without really guiding you through the process) and others that take you through it but with bad music or an annoying voiceover. (Some hypnotherapists don’t have their trance voice set yet). After reviewing his reviews and the product the Zero Resistance Weight Release Solution is the one I am recommending to my friends and patients if I am unable to personally hypnotize them for their needs.

To see the product Click Here for Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis

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  1. Jake Douglas says:

    Yeahh I’ve used the system and hhad 30 pounds of weight loss and it not only helped me issues with weight like nothing else it helped me in other aspects of life. Good advice

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