Exercise Vs. Diet from NYT Blog

http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/08/01/dieting-vs-exercise-for-weight-loss/?smid=fb-share Is a well written article comparing why exercise for weight loss vs portion control has had limited results. Portion control remains one of the best ways to lose weight. It’s nice to see what my patients and clients are experiencing is in line with what the research is just now finding out. Metabolism does not get affected by exercise in a positive way for the most part.

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Nightline does a weight loss hypnosis story!

Click HERE to see the abc story and video.

Nightline posted a story 2 evenings ago about what I do for my patients. They of course showed the skeptical Bariatric doctor saying there is no evidence. If I was sponsored by a surgical equipment or drug company then there would be one. Research takes money. You getting results does not, especially when you see my testimonials and the index in Dr. Alwin Lewis’s book on the 5 bite diet, WITHOUT hypnosis. See the story, talk to me and my clients. See what is possible.

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5 bite diet reverses diabetes mellitus II time and time again


Click above to see the article. Dr. Lewis and I have been using the 5 bite diet to do the same for a while.

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More successes!

My phone and email has been going crazy for inquiries from all over the world especially North Carolina. Apparently my patients have been sharing my handout on the diet and have been so successful with the diet that word is spreading like fire. My hypnosis clients especially have given me many kudos and endorsements that I am trying to find a way to get even more people the weight loss they deserve and need through my system since my time is limited as a physician. Step 1 is to revamp this website and I think you can see the many visual changes. Step 2 is to get more video. STep 3 is to create a membership portion of this website that will have exclusive content, videos, and hypnosis videos and mp3’s that will allow you to lose weight similar to my own patients. This week alone I had 3 disappointed clients of a nationally well-known nutritional supplement switch to my diet and already lose more weight than after 6 months on the supplement in the first 2 weeks after having spent 1000’s of dollars on the supplement.

So please stay tuned as I make this site a better information portal for those of you interested in reaching the thinness you deserve.

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New product to assist with rapid weight loss: Mind master

This product is a self-directed subliminal messaging service. Basically you choose the messages your subconscious needs, program it into mindmaster, and it subliminally programs your subconscious with the messages through your computer… the messages you choose yourself! Developed using the results of scientific experiments from a Tulane Medical School professor (Where I went to medical school), you will be amazed how this can help you easily for your weight loss efforts, especially the 5 bite diet.

In order to see video on this product, Click Here!

This video explains how the product works and you can imagine buying this product right now and getting the benefits for weight loss, quitting smoking, or any other desires you may have. Works perfectly for those using “The Secret” and other mind programming systems to better their lives.

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Dr. Oz presents Weight Loss Hypnosis with Paul McKenna

Dr. Oz shows that he too knows hypnosis, and that it is an amazing tool for hypnosis.
Click the link below to watch the video.

Hypnosis For Weightloss, Pt 1.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss Part 2.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss Part 3..

Hypnosis for weight loss part 4. Guided imagery example that Dr. Arthur Apolinario also uses in his hypnosis sessions for weight loss.
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Someone is tweeting about doing the diet!

got a pingback today from twitter and it shows that this twitter user is using twitter to document her experience with the 5 bite diet and my other resources such as tapping etc. Check it out! She has gotten through the first 3 days and is doing well so far!


I have added her to my new twitter, diethypnosis.

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Excellent article on weight loss hypnosis and how it works…

Click here to see the article. It shows you how to try to do it yourself with self hypnosis as well. However if you are not well versed in self hypnosis, it helps to be hypnotized by a trained hypnostherapist to see what is possible and what hypnosis feels like so that when you self hypnotize yourself to believe your stomach is the size of a golf ball, it is much easier.

I provide a similar hypnosis for my clients for them to be instantly satisfied after 5 bites of food in the five bite diet when their will power alone will not carry them. I had a patient today on the verge of gastric bypass 1 year ago who is now at a bmi of 28. he started at 338 pounds and is now down to 223. He takes no more diabetes medicines, where 1 year ago he was about to start insulin. Amazing stories every day with how I have helped clients. Maybe we should talk if you can imagine the same success for yourself with my help. Email me at the links at the front of the website home page.

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Client today

31 pounds lost. Started at 177 and is now 146. She lost this way back in June and has continued to LOSE weight in small amounts ever since she lost the first 25 pounds. She is able to portion control with ease and this has become a permanent part of her subconscious and life. She was diabetic and had gained the weight at first after quitting smoking. We have helped her through both the smoking cessation and the weight loss and she is healthier than ever and near the point of stopping even more blood pressure and diabetes medicines. NEVER have I “cured” so many patients of their diabetes. Lose drastic amounts of weight to a body mass index of 25 and you can too!

I had one patient who 3 months ago decided she was going to do the five bite diet. However she went to a weight loss seminar at the local County Health department and was told by the nutritionist that the diet, “may not be safe” for her. 3 months later, the ladies who started the five bite diet at the same exact time as her are 60-90 pounds lighter and off their blood pressure medicines and diabetes medicines. This patient followed the nutritional advice of the health department… and lost one pound and is still on her medicines for diabetes and Blood pressure. She is also upset she didn’t follow my advice because her friends who did my diet are experiencing incredibly high self esteem and self validation because they did it themselves… and she looks and is still exactly the same weight she started at, following the health department’s “Traditional” weight loss paradigms.

Look, I’ve used the same paradigms as the traditional ones nutritionists and exercise coaches use for over 15 years with patients. If they worked I’d still be using them. For the patients who can’t do the diet, I do still use these protocols. However I can’t believe a patient with diabetes and high blood pressure is better off 3 months later at a slightly lower weight (but still having diabetes and hypertension)than a patient who eliminates the diabetes and blood pressure medicines within a 1-3 month period with rapid weight loss. The patient above is starting the 5 bite diet this week after seeing NOTHING change with traditional methods. I see it all the time. Friends start the 5 bites together. One friend gets counter advice or advice from “experts” that it is wrong to do. The 1 or 2 friends who stick with the five bites enjoy rapid success, while the friend who goes with traditional treatment falls behind and sees her friends succeed and have much happier looks on their faces. Once they see the changes in their friends, they realize they could have been a part of their success as well.

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Word of mouth is spreading

This week I hypnotized 5 clients for the 5 bite diet who saw the tremendous successes of their one friend. Let me just say anyone who refers a client to me gets a free session of hypnotherapy for the good word! Thank you very much.

These two clients have tried it all and were told to “Try” weight watchers, “Try” atkins, “Try” carb counting. And “Try” as they might they got nowhere.

The word try is known in hypnosis and NLP as a failure word… a word the programs a person to expect to fail. For instance, say I enter the room of a client and say, “I tried to get here on time.” Essentially the word means I tried, but I failed.

Well if you say the same thing about dieting, you are programming yourself to fail. “I tried to lose weight with this or that diet.” Means you failed. Well if you say “I’m trying this diet.” You are saying, “I am likely to fail this diet.” Why talk to yourself in such a way that will program failure?

Yoda said it best in, “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Luke: All right, I’ll give it a try.
Yoda: No. Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.

There is no try with the 5 bite diet and my hypnosis. Only do.

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