Success story losing only 25 pounds

Had a young woman in her 30’s today who lost from 160 to 135. This only took one month but the drastic change in her bp was the true desire here. After trying for years to do something for her blood pressure, she finally decided to get her BMI to 25.

In just 1 month she got there, and her bp went from 160/80 to 130/70. I tried to encourage her to lose more to a bmp of 18.5 to prevent any weight gain from bumping her bp back up but she declined as she wanted to go back to a normal eating habit but with a much smaller stomach due to the 5 bites. I always follow a patient’s wishes.

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Client Failure today

Today’s failed attempt at five bite diet was similar to just about all the few failed attempts I’ve had over the last year of doing this diet. 349 pounds in March, I recommended the diet. He comes in for the first time today after missing 2 appointments including his follow up from initiating the diet. “I did it for 2 days. i was too hungry and tired and gave up.”

Everyone feels the same symptoms in the first few days. The majority go without symptoms at all day 4 and on. Those that continue symptoms may not be having symptoms from the diet but may be having emotional eating telling them to eat more. Most of the failures come from the people who quit on day 1-3 and never push it to the fourth day to see that the diet no longer causes those symptoms for the most part days 5 through 300 depending on how long you do the diet. THE WERE SO CLOSE to getting to that day, but gave up and didn’t call me or contact me or follow up with me to give it a try.

Many of these patients come back in for the 1 week follow up and I explain how close they were to feeling no hunger whatsoever and what a mistake it was to give up so easily. They do it again and they are off to the races.

Many times the clients that quit days 1-3, despite being told to expect such symptoms, are the type that require reframing or hypnosis to allow themselves to do strict caloric restriction. They also are TERRIBLE clients to consider gastric bypass or lap band because they have already proven they will eat beyond the therapy and overstretch the smaller stomach, so it’s good for them to find out this way before having a permanent surgery fail.

This is a form of self-sabotage. Despite knowing what to expect you say you can’t take it when the expected is happening and quit. Use reframing and eft and hypnotherapy to reverse the mindset that you “Always” fail and you will have success. No more avoiding those things that will help.

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Today after 13 months off and on the diet, a patient came in with a total of 109 pounds of weight loss from 338 to 229 pounds after starting last August. Yes it could have come off faster, but the key point here is it never came back and he was able to do it. CONGRATS!
Patient number 2: 7 days on diet. 12 pounds lost. She is convinced this will work and had no problems at all.

As I always state, a patient that decides to do this on their own is VASTLY more successful and has higher self esteem after the process, and comes out healthier, than when a surgery is used to produce the same result artificially. Do this diet before you consider going under the knife. It’s the same diet you’ll be on anyhow!

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Today’s clients

Gentleman 1: 28 pounds in 30 days. From 248 to 220 with no problems and feeling much better with lower blood pressure of 120/80 when average 140/90 prior to weight loss. has stopped 1 bp med so far and close to losing second one.

Gentleman 2: Not seen in 12 months by his choice but came in 40 pounds slimmer from the diet and chemstrips went from 300’s to 150’s, and better cholesterol numbers. Due to success he feels he can also quit smoking…

Woman 1: 16 pounds weight lost in 18 days. She is amazed. She had hypnosis as well and she feels instantly full after 5 bites of food and no chances at cheating.

Woman 2: 16 pounds also but in 24 days. Some self sabotage with cheating 1 extra bite a day and this has prevented extended fat burning. She is now fully aware of the affect of the mistake. She was hypnotized and likely needs a reinforcement

Woman 3: Started diet 4 months ago and failed to follow up. 5 pounds gained. She stopped after 10 days and ate heavier. She is stressed due to a situation with mother and she notes this is her main trigger for eating. Emotional links to mother’s critical statements and criticism causes her to react to calm herself by eating. She is in need of hypnotherapy or EFT or biofeedback. We’ve discovered one of her eating triggers.

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Today’s patient: Rapid weight loss

1 month follow up on a 5 bite dieter. In 1 month 27 pounds lost from 237 to 210, he is off metformin and levemir insulin and controlling with diet alone for now, bp down from 138/80 to 120/63. Wearing much cooler clothes now too. 30 more days to go to ideal body weight!

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Biofeedback to stop Emotional Eating! Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis

The company HealthMath has partnered with me to allow me to provide links to their biofeeback programs for pc’s and macs or personal biofeedback. Biofeedback is well known to help with stress and relaxation, and the most important thing for a lot of emotional eaters is to find a suitable replacement for stress reduction and relaxation. For many people the reason they can’t lose weight is they use food and eating for relaxation, and without an appropriate replacement for this stress relief, the heavy eating and self-sabotage continues and poor eating habits persist. The subconscious just will not allow normal or weight-loss eating patterns. The person has been completely conditioned to use food like an anxiety pill.

How does this occur? Well think about it… imagine you are in the middle of a busy day. Suddenly you have a moment you can put work down and not think about it and can relax and allow your parasympathetic nervous system take over (the one you don’t think about, as opposed to the sympathetic nervous system that you do think about). This time of the day is when you eat. We eat at parties when we relax, some people have a regular snack at night to tell them it’s time to relax for bed. The digestive process itself needs relaxation to perform properly. (One of the reasons why high-stress people can get ulcers). For many folks, eating is powerfully linked as their only method of stress reduction and it gets embedded into their subconscious.

With Biofeedback, you have yet another method in your arsenal to reduce stress. You sit with a personal stress measurement device, or use your computer to do the measurement, and you relax and destress as the feedback tells you how you are doing. Stress is usually not sensed, so having a method to tell you in sound or vision how much stress you are reducing in your body is quite important in reducing your dependence on emotional eating. The HeartMath Products look at the variability between speeds in heartbeats. If a person can use biofeedback to reduce this viability, they are less stressed and emotions turn positive through peptide flow. This has been scientifically proven and backed up in studies in the following well-respected journals: Stress Medicine, American Journal of Cardiology, Preventive Cardiology, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science and Harvard Business Review.

Now this, plus emotional freedom technique as well as hypnosis, can act as a triple-whammy to reducing your stress. Doing all three makes CERTAIN that you continue good eating habits after you have lost the weight with the Five-Bite diet and allows you to pursue it without stress-related sabotage.

If you had to pick and choose what to do due to the cost of doing all three, I highly recommend hypnosis first, then EFT. But for LONG-TERM stress relief, home biofeedback is the way to go, no matter what symptoms you have from stress, such as neck pain, chest pain, fast heartbeat, headache, depression or anxiety. Biofeedback can help reduce these symptoms as well as reduce emotional overeating. Click here for their main page and a link to their Emotional eating program.

The products and links below have been shown on the Dr. Phil Show and I personally have used biofeedback for stress reduction.

Stopping Emotional Eating; The emWave Stress and Weight Management Program

Stress Relief solutions from HeartMath

emWave Biofeedback Computer Program for MAC and PC

emWave PSR (Personal Stress Relief)

Stopping Emotional Eating

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New testimonial!

Check it out on the testimonial’s page. Ms. Grace Bryant was all smiles and so happy. Her little grandson felt “Grandma getting skinny.” She wanted her 15 minutes of fame on my website and wanted her full name down because of how proud she is she lost the weight. Welcome to weight-release fame Ms. Bryant!

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Hypnotherapy slots open!

I have a full day of hypnosis to schedule! If interested in hypnotherapy this Saturday I am booking appointments. Contact me at my email noted at the front of this blog if interested.

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Facebook Fun and 2 new clients

So I was looking at friend pics on facebook. Of course I’m advertising this site on facebook and so my facebook friends have been looking at what I’m doing. It amazed me how many of my friends are having photographic evidence of their weight loss.

Recently i saw one of my friends had traveled to San Fran. While looking at his photos I noticed how visibly thinner he was. (And how his girlfriend was all over him more than ever in the photos…) So I asked what he was doing. Of course he was doing the Five Bite diet and had gone from 200 to 175 pounds in 30 days thanks to my advice. I asked and Lo and Behold he was following the advice on this webiste. I love it! The word is spreading.

I hypnotized a pair of women, best friends, last night, who had such support for each other they were doing the hypnosis/weight loss thing together. One had previously tried Hypnosis and had poor results. But she had what I call the “nice froo froo” hypnosis about imagining being on a beach first. I learned my hypnosis from Guys trained in NLP as well as provocative hypnosis from Jorgen Rasmussen. Sometimes we aren’t nice. But we challenge peoples’ subconscious to change for the better, even if that includes turning the angry parts of the brain that is sometimes used to defend old subconscious programming.

With one woman, we uncovered a life-altering event that had defined a lot of things for her. It was freeing and I teared up during the hypnosis but we did NOT relive the event. We compressed it on a time line so that the time between when she was ok before the event, and the time after the event where she felt ok again felt much closer together. Almost like a youtube scrubber. We scrubbed over the event to compress the effects of it and how it affected everything, including her eating.

The woman who had been hypnotized previously was quite impressed and felt, “Yeah. I was hypnotized.” She nodded her head saying it felt different.

Messages from both ladies today stated they felt absolutely no hunger on the 5 bite diet. One has 60 days, the other has 95 days to get to ideal body weights. We are going to have winners here.

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Yoga for optimal mind-quieting and reduction of emotional eating

Many people doing the five bite diet ask me what kind of exercise they can do during rapid weight loss that won’t cause worsening of their appetite. I always answer yoga. Yoga is the best method of mind quieting exercise to allow you to reduce hunger, gain mental advantages and control, and with no increase in appetite. Yoga is a mind-body spiritual technique that allows you to not only strengthen and tone, it also clears the mind and allows for greater intent of focus. The best blog I have found with the best recommended products is here at The reviewer has suggested multiple products that I myself have used to maintain my flexibility and to work on core muscles. It would seem at first with severely obese patients this would be difficult, but the great thing about yoga is it is modifiable to the patient using it. Get started!

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