Recent clients

One of my employees. 28 pounds lost so far today. Proud of her. She is also using a medicine that reduces weight but this medicine usually only creates, on average, 5 pounds of weight loss. Trying to convince her the additional weight loss is all her.

Second patient. At first was disappointed because she only lost 5 pounds in 1.5 months. She should have lost 45 pounds. However she was able to quit smoking for that time! She had always been hampered by the risk of weight gain from quitting smoking. Well while on the diet and doing it at her best with the smoking cessation, she lost 5 pounds instead of gaining 30. I’m happy as a lark as she did one of our goals in only 1.5 months with the help of her own modified version of the diet.

It continues to happen. Started 2 new patients on the diet today so far. This is exciting to see these improvements.

I myself am down to 164 after starting at 189 for my most recent restart on the diet. I’ve used self hypnosis techniques taught to me by the cd’s and HMI institute and I must say it’s making this second go around even easier than the first. This is the lightest I’ve been in 20 years!!!! I gotta look the part if I’m going to be the weight loss guru I want to be.

More patients to see…

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