How is this method different than all the rest?

What makes this different from other programs is that this is a physician-guided program that incorporates Hypnosis. Most hypnosis programs are done independent of physicians, or are performed by a hypnotist who does not have medical training. It is rare to find a comprehensive program that includes medical expertise in rapid weight loss combined with the subconscious training needed to keep the weight off and eliminate things like emotional eating.

Hypnosis alone is a fair method. However even the best method being advertised on tv right now claims an average of only 14 total pounds of weight lost per patient on the program. Dr. Apolinario had over 50 patients average 40 pounds each over a 5-month period when he first started this method in 2009, and now consistently gets some patients to lose 45-80 pounds in a two month period. Alwin Lewis, M.D, M.P.H. who invented the Five Bite Diet™ and taught it to Dr. Apolinario has had thousands over the 7 years he’s done the Five Bite Diet™ alone. Most took less than 3 months to achieve that. When a current weight-loss-hypnosis infomercial comes on, they have a disclaimer at the bottom of the commercial that says, “Results not typical” when a patient has lost more than 30 pounds.

When you do the Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis diet correctly, the majority of patients lose about 1-2 pounds daily. Total, fulfilling weight loss is the norm. Results are typical to lose 30 pounds in the first month and keep it off when done according to instruction and with hypnosis, barring any other medical problems that would prevent this.

The great thing is there are no gimmicks. Follow my instructions below to get started. In my blog I even spell out the 5 Bite Diet™.  If you want to see the specifics of the diet before buying the book, Click here to see it. However if you want to get the best results and 1-2-pounds-a-day weight loss,

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