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One patient started 21 days ago and came in for follow up. started at 328 pounds, 314 today. 14 pounds of weight loss in 21 days. he cheated some days and ate 7 bites at times and that’s what made the 7 pound difference (If he didn’t cheat he would have been 307 pounds today so he has added a few days to the diet). He is all smiles, he thanked me 100 times. He just transferred to my care from a doctor who quit taking medicare (That’s a whole ‘nother story) and had never been able to lose weight with that doctors “traditional” methods and with the help of nutritionists and trainers. Those basic things work in studied populations. Not much out there for the over 315 pound population except gastric bypass research.

He thanked me profusely and had a big smile on his face. stated he didn’t feel hungry at all. he’s diabetic and his sugars are running 140’s, exactly what he was before the diet while he was on his medicines. During the diet I am holding his metformin and insulin. This guy sees the light and is all smiles because he is confident he can do this, and is even more renewed because he is seeing immediate results. Now I have had inquiries from 2 sports trainer certificate holding people. Their training is contrary to what I’m doing. Their training recommends exercise to be part of this. Here’s the deal: My 300 pound patients have tried it all. They also don’t like regimens that take too long or take them out of work. However you have to remember something. These people are lifting 300 pounds 100’s of times a day. they are ALREADY working out. They are doing 300 pound squats and presses. They are lifting 30-50 pounds multiple times a day because that’s how much fat is in their arms and even more in their bellies and legs. They ARE exercising throughout the day already and to tell them to add more is a challenge. Also refer to my media links for the article on the research showing that exercise in the United States is leading to more weight gain. This isn’t muscle gain either. Time Magazine article from 11 months ago explains it all and research from LSU shows why.

The sports exercise people are correct however the advice is not practical for the over 300 pound set that need a starting point.

Client number 2 today. He started at 345 and just passed the 300 pound barrier to 295. He’s going out tonight to celebrate. And is doing so well with his mindset changes that celebration involves no food and no alcohol! Just going out to have fun! What a concept! It’s doable. When I go to bars and clubs I NEVER drink anything but Diet coke. And no woman has ever turned me down for it. (My charm isn’t defined because of what I have in my hand. Nor is it defined by how much you weigh.)

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