Today’s clients

This patient has been 331 pounds since 2006. After 2 months on the diet he is for the first time under 300 pounds at 297. First time for him in a long time. The smile on his face is priceless. Has been off all diabetes medicines (3 total) during the diet and his eyes are on the prize of his ideal weight of 145. He’s proud of himself that he is doing this all on his own.

Had some difficulties this last month as he was getting nauseated from the multivitamin so started eating a few bites of sandwich in the morning and this more than likely slowed his weight loss from 30 pounds this last month to only 9 pounds this last month. But 9 pounds is 9 pounds and is acceptable as I advised him to take the multivitamin at night with his evening 5 bites to prevent him from taking extra bites.

His blood sugars are 80-100 right now on the diet. Our goal is for him to have the same when he is done the diet and without medicines still. He’s not ready for no medicines yet.

Client #2: 302 pounds. Said he would adjust his diet on his own and didn’t want to do the 5 bite diet. Said he would use traditional diet and exercise since that is what everyone else recommends and he did not feel losing rapidly was safe. Today he comes in at 302 pounds, the same weight he was 5 months ago when he stated he would do his own thing based on the usual guidelines. Today he again states he will do his own diet. One that has not worked for 5 months now. However despite my recommendations and my advice on other weight loss methods, he wishes to continue on. My motto: Don’t expect changes if you keep doing the same thing over and over again. (Einstein’s was meaner. According to his version, the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result).

I read about “Sensa” which is a taste enhancer developed by Dr. Alan Hirsch. Presented to the Endocrine Society. People lost 30 pounds on average after 6 months and all they had to do was sprinkle flavor enhancer over their food to stimulate the satiety center of the brain in the hypothalamus. He states that the sense of smell controls appetite and not sensors in the stomach. No exercise or special diet was needed. This sounds promising but I’m wondering what happens when you stop the supplement as portion control is artificially controlled with the flavor enhancer.

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