Today’s clients

Gentleman 1: 28 pounds in 30 days. From 248 to 220 with no problems and feeling much better with lower blood pressure of 120/80 when average 140/90 prior to weight loss. has stopped 1 bp med so far and close to losing second one.

Gentleman 2: Not seen in 12 months by his choice but came in 40 pounds slimmer from the diet and chemstrips went from 300’s to 150’s, and better cholesterol numbers. Due to success he feels he can also quit smoking…

Woman 1: 16 pounds weight lost in 18 days. She is amazed. She had hypnosis as well and she feels instantly full after 5 bites of food and no chances at cheating.

Woman 2: 16 pounds also but in 24 days. Some self sabotage with cheating 1 extra bite a day and this has prevented extended fat burning. She is now fully aware of the affect of the mistake. She was hypnotized and likely needs a reinforcement

Woman 3: Started diet 4 months ago and failed to follow up. 5 pounds gained. She stopped after 10 days and ate heavier. She is stressed due to a situation with mother and she notes this is her main trigger for eating. Emotional links to mother’s critical statements and criticism causes her to react to calm herself by eating. She is in need of hypnotherapy or EFT or biofeedback. We’ve discovered one of her eating triggers.

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