Today’s clients

Amazing client today. 90 pounds weight lost total since 2005, with the 5 bite diet enhancing further weight loss in the last few months. She wants to go from 278 to 150. She is down to 188. Only 38 days to go! She took a break from the diet due to vacation but is back on track…

Patient number two. Trigeminal Neuralgia with two failed neurosurgeries in the brain. Not weight loss. But severe pain and unable to talk or swallow.. Did emotional freedom technique and after several weeks for the first time was able to open his mouth all the way and talk normally again! Pain was still there but signficantly reduced (Better than the methadone, the morphine, and all the other meds that have been given to him). He was smiling and not depressed for the first time in a few months. There’s a possibility he’ll get the peg tube out of his stomach feeding him now that he sees he has an ability to open his mouth and talk with the emotional freedom technique. I’m really amazed what happened here today with him.

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