Today’s patient

Today had a patient on the diet for his 1 month follow up. Started out at 228 pounds. Told by his cardiologist that he HAD to lose weight. Cardiologist tried all the usual motivators but while on insulin and other medicines this patient found it impossible.

Comes to see me as his patient for the first time a month ago. I take him off his meds and tell him to do five bite diet only. (when on the five bites your sugar will never go above 300 as a type II as long as you don’t cheat.) 30 days later 26 pounds lost. Not to be blunt but when his cardiologist sees him he’s going to shit his pants.

By next week he will be less than 200 pounds for the first time in a long time. And his sugars never went beyond 250s but he cheated a bit and had to use the insulin for a few days. (And that’s why he only lost 26 pounds, not 30).

Big smile on his face, sense of accomplishment, and a strong sense that in 37 days he’ll be at his ideal body weight of 165. The successes keep on rolling.

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