Today’s patient: My most recent gastric bypass patient

Today had a patient return after having bypass. He returns for hospital follow up. Yup. He almost died. This is his second hospitalization since getting the bypass in September 2009. This is his second hospitalization for bleeding from a gastric ulcer at the bypass site. His first near-death experience was in December 2009 for the same reason. He has now had a total of 4 units of blood from transfusion. He has gone down from 365 pounds to 252… IN 11 months! With my diet he would have been at ideal body weight in 200 days only (a little less than 7 months to be 165 pounds). And he would have done it without surgery and without all these hospitalizations and future need for hernia surgery.

He has had complications of heart attacks twice, IV line cellulitis (Skin infection), and a ventral hernia at the site of his surgery that will eventually need repair.

Why do doctors do this to people when we have the 5 bite diet???? I’m shaking my head.

By the way, he was told to snack regularly… and now his weight is plateaued at 250 for the last 3 months. The nutritionist is not giving him good weight-loss advice and he is even exercising… which is making him hungrier to stretch the bypass. (Is he bleeding due to evereating?) I put him on the standard 3 bite diet for bypass so that he starts losing weight again. (The bypass does not guarantee successful weight loss to goal!!!)

Contrast the patient above to today’s five bite diet patient. He has lost from 317 to 231 without any surgery over 5 months. Same results, less risk. You be the judge.

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