Word of mouth is spreading

This week I hypnotized 5 clients for the 5 bite diet who saw the tremendous successes of their one friend. Let me just say anyone who refers a client to me gets a free session of hypnotherapy for the good word! Thank you very much.

These two clients have tried it all and were told to “Try” weight watchers, “Try” atkins, “Try” carb counting. And “Try” as they might they got nowhere.

The word try is known in hypnosis and NLP as a failure word… a word the programs a person to expect to fail. For instance, say I enter the room of a client and say, “I tried to get here on time.” Essentially the word means I tried, but I failed.

Well if you say the same thing about dieting, you are programming yourself to fail. “I tried to lose weight with this or that diet.” Means you failed. Well if you say “I’m trying this diet.” You are saying, “I am likely to fail this diet.” Why talk to yourself in such a way that will program failure?

Yoda said it best in, “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Luke: All right, I’ll give it a try.
Yoda: No. Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.

There is no try with the 5 bite diet and my hypnosis. Only do.

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  3. Diane says:

    Thank You to the BBC and Claire Hegarty for my weight loss. Weight Loss Hypnotherapy does work, I know because I had it done and it helped me go from 22 stone right down to my current weight which is 13 stone 6lb.

    I had never heard of Weight Loss Hypnotherapy before and it was all thanks to a programme on the BBC where they invited a women on their show called Claire Hegarty who is a leading weight loss hypnosis expert. They asked her on the show to talk about how weight loss hypnosis works and before the show I had never heard of it.

    I struggled for years to lose weight and kept on going to my doctors as I was worried at 22 stone that I was cutting my life short but all they would do was to give me diet sheets which did not work. I went on loads of diets and they were a waste of time.

    I came across the show by accident and when they said hypnosis helps with weight loss I laughed out loud, but then I listened more and became very interested. The next day I phoned Claire hegarty and asked her about more information on weight loss hypnotherapy and explained that I had no will power whatsoever and explained that I had tried to lose weight for years with no success. She spent nearly two hours on the phone with me and then after becoming convinced that this could be for me, I arranged to go to her office and meet her and I am glad I did.

    Before I lost my weight, I was tired all the time, I had asthma that I was taking an inhaler around eight times a day but now I have loads of energy and no asthma and now I am just over 13 stone and feel very proud of my body and I now know that my life will not be cut short.

    If you have tried diets like me that are just a waste of time then try weight loss hypnotherapy but please make sure that you find an expert because a lot of hypnotherapy people are not experts in weight loss hypnosis.

    Please do check weight loss hypnosis out, just because it seems modern, it should not be overlooked as it does work and if you were like me very unhappy about your weight then this will make you happy by losing all that weight off you.

    Good luck

  4. admin says:

    Thanks so Much Diane. It seems you had the life-changing, ongoing success that most of my clients have when they have tried everything else. Congratulations on your weight loss!

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